After my 2015 internship with the crowdfunding platform WE DO GOOD, I worked two months in 2016 to redesign this tool, through it conception to the develoment of a functional part of it. This dashboard is directed to the project creators, where they can monitor and manage their online fundraising.

When I arrived, the reflexion about the customer path and the dashboard structure had already been made. The redesign had to give a better learning time and guide the project creators, in order to facilitate the WE DO GOOD support team. The choice of tools to integrate was made with observations of their job habits.

The dashboard then took a more traditional webapp appearance, where users can juggle with a tool or another.

  • Summer 2016

 Development   User Experience   User Interface 

Tools and technologies

Théo Delalande - Delarbre

Developper, UX designer
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