How to get your bearings in a space you can only perceive through your movements ?

revell is a virtual reality project where the user is immerged in an environment with invisible surfaces. Without their usual senses, they can reveal the surrounding world through physical gestures and actions: The surfaces are initially invisible, but when the user hands touch them, they become visible. The perceptive feedback is then visual and not haptic.

 revell won the Prix "Virtual Fantasy award" at Laval Virtual.

Laval Virtual is a leader international exhibition on virtual technologies and uses. Our project was presented during the exhibition, then awarded among a dozen student projects in the demo category. The jury loved the original physical and cognitive engagement our project transmits !

Technically, we used Razer Hydra controllers, reproducing the hand movements and positions in the virtual environment. Finally, the Oculus Rift is used to transcribe head movements on the avatar.

Project Methodology

Searching a concept

Inspired by the cognitive sciences theories about spatial perception, we wanted to build an experience where the user would have a perception similar to a blind person. He should then use now movements to be guided.

Concepts sketches

Sketches of the imagined concepts : reveal surfaces by (virtual) touch, use the echo sound, subdivide the world in voxels... (Drawings from A.Delval)


Considering our technical and temporal constraints, we reduced the interactions to the most important : touching surfaces with the virtual hands. The game engine a been then developed with Unity3D.

Development previews

The world modeled on Unity, the result of it transformation into cubes (voxels), the collision zones on the player and the first real time screenshots of the game.

User testing

To collect the players feelings, we ma

Pour recueillir les ressentis que pouvaient avoir les joueurs, we did test with voluntary. With these observations, we saw adjustments were needed, just as the need of a tutorial to discover the commands. This feedback contributed to an enhanced version, presented at Laval Virtual.

Aperçus du développement

User testing session

  • Fall 2015
  • Université de Technologie de Compiègne

 Development   User Experience   User Interface   Virtual Reality 

Tools and technologies

Project team

  • This project was made with Aurélien Delval. We both conceptualized the concept and I had to develop it.

Théo Delalande - Delarbre

Developper, UX designer
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