In this project, we observed new users with the “Drive” online ordering service, noting the functional parts and possible improvements. This service has two parts :

With these observations, we gave some improvement tracks and proposals for the ordering interface.

(This project was made outside of any order of the chosen retail chain, in this case, Carrefour.)


Results and proposals

The tests results showed that the main problems happened during the online order, but the physical withdrawal occurred without problem. We then focused our reflexion on the online order.

Diagrammes de résultats de test

Extracts of the quantified evaluation results by the users. Of course, we can't draw some statistics with this reduced panel, but we clearly see some problems on the web part.

The main problems are linked to the inherent difference between a physical and online market : the website is judged too complex, it’s difficult to find a product and to estimate their actual size.

New features have then been proposed to enhance the user experience of the Drive website :

So we created a new model of website trying to integrate these recommendations:

  • Fall 2015
  • Université de Technologie de Compiègne

 Study   User Experience   User Interface 

Project team

  • The project was made with two other students.

Théo Delalande - Delarbre

Developper, UX designer
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