The CompoBoîte (“Composable Box”) is a lunchbox made to easily take away a meal prepared at home, from leftovers.

In this project of introduction to industrial design, we had to design an object related to the lunchboxes. This simple project nevertheless illustrates the complexity of designing a product to satisfy and provide functionality to a user.


Analysis of the subject and concept

We first analysed our subject, the lunchboxes :

Scenario of the lunchbox use

Scenario of a classic lunchbox use

We then picked a persona among the ones proposed : a student whose main constraint is the lack of time. Our proposition is then based on the problem “How to save time on the takeaway?

The CompoBoîte has 2 main components :

Scenario of the CompoBoîte

Scenario of the CompoBoîte

The storage boxes are directly carried out, some time is then spared on washing, storage, and is a ludic way to prepare the meal.

Additional details

In order to answer some other problems raised in our analysis, we designed a lot of other details :

Materials, eco-design

This product has been designed by taking eco-design in account, with an observation of it product lifecycle.

Even though the manufacturing and the end of life have an high impact, it is intended to be used many times, so it long term sustainability is certainly better than disposable packaging of takeaway food.

Main materials used


We quickly prototyped our object (cardboard, numerical modelling then 3D printer) to check it functioning and dimensions. As a result, we remade some details (improving handling, dimensioning…)

Modelling and models of the CompoBoîte

Modelling and models of the CompoBoîte

  • Fall 2015
  • Université de Technologie de Compiègne

 User Experience   Product/Device 

Project team

  • The project was made with another student, with equal roles.

Théo Delalande - Delarbre

Developper, UX designer
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